The Last of Us (Goodnight) - Gustavo Santaolalla (The Last of Us)

The king who never wanted to be one 


The king who never wanted to be one 


the best from in the flesh scripts

keep it togETHER SIMON


I will headcanon everything you love.

Cornelia: built like a brick house with great boobs. She’s an amazon warrior princess.
Euphemia: everything is soft and wonderful, but she’s toned and fit and all waxed. It pays to be a princess.
Suzaku: Exactly how you would imagine a sexy super solider. He usually has to shave all his body hair for maximum performance in his pilot suit. 
Shirley: swimmer’s body. Long limbs and broad shoulders. 
Nina: Pudgy and pear. She sits around a lot. She tries little things to make herself more confident. Mascara and shaving everything…. 
Milly: Built like a 6 foot pin-up model. Tall and soft and she’d really be intimidating if she wasn’t so dang friendly.  
Kallen: Gives not a single fuck. Can bench 150. Like Suzaku, she also has to shave for max performance. (Pilots gotta be stacked! They’re dragging around metal monsters using just their upper body strength.) 
Lelouch: Looks slim in dark clothes but since he moved to area 11 he has developed SECRET PUDGINESS. Gasp. Because he just sits around theorizing.  Fine body hair.
CC: A tiny and fragile bird. She’s stealthy and dainty as fuck.